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Top 10 Reasons You Should Train Here

sidekickThere are many martial arts schools in the San Fernando Valley. Here are the top 10 reasons why Cutting Edge Karate is the best choice for you and your family.

1. Experienced and highly skilled instructors.

Our instructors are highly skilled martial artists that have incredible compassion for each and every student. Each instructor brings a unique set of skills and approaches to teaching that allow for the students to have a well-rounded learning experience

2. Detailed student focused instruction.

We instruct our students with their individual learning styles in mind. We give clear and precise instruction for how to perform at their full potential and we always strive for excellence.

3. Beginner friendly.

Our school is beginner friendly with specific classes just for kids who are starting their martial arts journey. Our adult classes all ranks and are structured to provide each participant with a thorough workout and learning experience.

4. Warm family atmosphere.

We combine a warm family atmosphere with excellent martial arts instruction for students of all ages. We have many families which train in the studio. Because martial arts is a physical art requiring trust, cooperation, and mutual respect, we foster heathly relationships between all students.

5. Character development.

Our structured classes help build life skills such as respect, integrity, self-control, consistent effort, unity, and perseverance. Students will also set and accomplish goals which will give them more confidence in their everyday life.

6. Learn effective self-defense techniques.

We teach students how to become well-rounded martial artists capable of handling a variety of situation. Beginners start off with low intensity training and build up to a higher more realistic intensity as they advance.

7. Improve strength, fitness, and flexibility.

Our style has many kicks and techniques that require a high level of strength and flexibility. Each class we dedicate time to increase our strength and flexibility while getting a great workout to improve endurance. Do not be afraid if you are out of shape and/or not flexible. Your hard work in class will pay off and you will see improvements within the first few weeks!

8. Multiple classes offered during the week.

Our schedule offers a variety of times to accommodate lifeís busy schedules.

9. We stand behind our lessons.

When you sign up, youíll instantly get our 30-day money back guarantee giving you the ultimate peace of mind in case things donít work out as you expected.

10. Members only website.

Membership here has its privileges. Get instant access to our membersí only information and content you canít get on our public website when you enroll.

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