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sidekickWhen you train at Cutting Edge Karate, you will be training in the innovative system of American Tang Soo Do. Tang Soo Do, or "the art of the knife hand" is a modern, well-balanced martial art.

At all levels and ranks, class instruction focuses on improving strength, conditioning, and flexibility. Master Kemmer meticulously researches and develops exercises and drills specifically designed to develop these specific areas. Consistent training results in quality technique, enhanced performance, and improved health in students.

A Blended Art

The esteemed Chuck Norris, who reigned as the undefeated world middleweight karate champion for 6 straight years, studied Tang Soo Do while stationed in Korea serving in the military. During his fighting career he pursued the study of Judo, Hapkido, Shotokan, and Brazilian Jujitsu, then effectively wove strengths from these styles into Tang Soo Do, developing it into a highly effective and well-rounded martial arts discipline. American Tang Soo Do continues to evolve ensuring students learn the most effective techniques and concepts available in martial arts.

A Traditional Martial Art

Honoring our ancestorís traditional teaching, we uphold and value discipline and respect. Traditional American Tang Soo Do forms are taught throughout the belting progression. Forms were the method our founders utilized to communicate the knowledge of our style. Students engage in challenge and satisfaction as they develop a deep appreciation for the art of American Tang Soo Do through the art of forms.

A Kicking Art

American Tang Soo Do is renowned for its exceptional kicking. As a school we diligently train to develop the muscular strength and overall flexibility required to achieve a high level of kicking proficiency. Training techniques are practiced through various formats to solidify foundations for learning and performing adept kicking. Formats include: kicking during forms, precision air repetition, bag work, and controlled contact on a partner in sparring.

Practical Self Defense

Many martial arts schools practice self defense techniques which prove inefficient in actual life situations. Master Kemmer constantly researches and develops practical and realistic techniques to ensure self-defense techniques prove effective. His system of self-defense starts with learning techniques in a low intensity setting and gradually increasing the intensity as students develop techniques.

Kickboxing and Grappling

After earning Blue belt rank, which takes about one year of training for juniors and six months for adults, you enter our sparring and grappling program.

Sparring instruction covers basic through advanced kickboxing techniques. Classes focus on developing proper footwork, striking skills, movement, and fighting strategies. Maintaining safety at all times is essential therefore students must wear proper equipment to guard and protect themselves and others.

In grappling, students learn how to defend and submit opponents from the ground position. Classes focus on increasing mobility, maintaining control, and learning ground fighting strategies. Both sparring and grappling offer life skills valuable to men, women, teens, and children.

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