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I enrolled a shy child and an energetic child at Cutting Edge Karate. Through exceptional instruction, combined with warmth and interest in each student, my shy child now exudes a high level of confidence as she proudly demonstrates her hard work, while my energetic child has learned to hone and focus his body in positive, healthy directions. Additionally, training alongside them is a gift! I thank Cutting Edge for bringing out the best in us all!

Becky Clausen

As a home school mom, I had signed my kids up for karate to fulfill their P.E. requirement. Little did I know what an integral part of our lives Cutting Edge Karate would become. It has developed in my son confidence and coordination. It has taught my daughter self defense skills that have put my mind at ease.

Master Kemmer has become an important mentor in their lives, and fellow students have become their best friends. Now, almost eight years later, they both have earned their 2nd degree black belts, and are even teaching karate! I imagine that martial arts will always be a part of John and Becky’s lives.

Debra Free

After trying several sports, my son finally found his niche in karate! Being at Cutting Edge the last 6 years has developed in him numerous physical skills in addition to bringing out important character traits such as discipline, perservence, self-confidence and more. All the instructors are positive yet firm, professional and enthusiastic. It's a great environment for kids of all ages!

Toni Marderian

We have been a proud part of Cutting Edge Karate for 3 years. Our son still looks forward to going to the studio everyday. All of the instructors are caring, patient, and knowledgeable. The curriculum is a well rounded program. Along with learning karate moves, the students also learn life lessons that will make them better people. We would recommend the studio to anyone who wants to learn about self respect, responsibility, and commitment.

The Ames family

Over seven years ago, I signed up my son to participate in the Cutting Edge Karate afterschool program where Mr. Kemmer was his first instructor. Little did I know then that we would be joining the Cutting Edge Karate Studio and be a part of a large, friendly and caring family. My son has earned his black belt and is still pursuing higher degrees. We are grateful to the Kemmer family and dedicated staff for their excellent instruction and training and for their great impact on my son. Thanks for all that you do!

Linda Thomas

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