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Our Instructors & Staff Members

Our Instructors have spent many years devoted to training in the art of American Tang Soo Do and other martial arts and have attained a certain level of expertise to qualify them as teachers and also mentors.

Here are a few of Cutting Edge Karate's instructors and other staff members:

Brandon Kemmer (5th Dan Master Black Belt)

Master KemmerMaster K. (as he's known here at the studio) is the owner/chief instructor at Cutting Edge. He began his martial arts training when he was just 6 years old at the Church at Rocky Peak. He is a 4th Dan Master Black Belt in American Tang Soo Do under Grandmaster Mark Cox and has devoted his life to training and teaching martial arts.

Master Kemmer married his high school sweet heart, Nicole, after attaining his Bachelors of Science degree from DeVry University. In 2012, they had their first child and future American Tang Soo Do Master, Jonah.

Now Master Kemmer teaches 6 days a week and is passionate about expanding his knowledge and learning new techniques. He cares deeply about his students and loves helping students young and old better their lives and achieve greatness!

Greg Mills (4th Dan Black Belt)

Mr. Mills As a severely ADHD child, Mr. Mills was ‘that’ kid. Always getting into trouble, always being bullied, and trying the patience of everyone around him. Nothing seemed to work to stem his behavior until he was introduced to American Tang Soo Do, under 9th Dan Grandmaster Dennis Ichikawa. Right away he fell in love with the martial arts. He even started teaching karate to the neighborhood kids.

As a martial artist, Mr. Mills wants to take the trials of his youth, along with over 25 years of martial arts training, and 12 years of teaching experience to bring students the very best our art has to offer. He has had many incredible mentors along his journey in Jeet Kune Do, Juijitsu, Krav Maga and more. This has helped shape his philosophy of being a forever student and an always teacher.

Paul B. Chilopoulos IV (1st Dan Black Belt)

Mrs. Clausen Mr. Chill began his chapters of karate at the age of 7 years old through the after school program at Shepherd of the Valley. After four years of training under Mr. Parth, Mr. Chill and his younger brothers transferred to the Cutting Edge Karate Studio. Training under his three favorite instructors, Master Kemmer, Mr. Wierman, and Mrs. Clausen, Mr. Chilopoulos received his 1st Dan Black Belt as well as a blue dot for breaking the turning heel kick board. Between the 7 year old white belt and the 17 year old black belt, Mr. Chilopoulos grew with physical and mental strength. Continuing with his own practice, Mr. Chilopoulos has been an instructor for about a year, sharing and teaching the way of Tang Soo Do.

Outside of Cutting Edge, Mr. Chill is a Freshman attending Moorpark College. He enjoys adventures and sports (Rock-climbing, Anything to do with the beach, Mountain biking, and much much more!)
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