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Lil' Dragons (Ages 3-5 Years Old)
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Martial arts is perfect for kids ages 3-5 years! Not only will they learn valuable self-defense skills, they will also learn to be more kind, coordinated and confident!

Notice Results Within the First Few Weeks!

Improved Focus
Better Habits at Home
More Confidence
Stronger and Fit
Increased Coordination
Accomplished Goals

Check Out What Others Are Saying

Jonah and Katy I enrolled a shy child and an energetic child at Cutting Edge Karate. Through exceptional instruction, combined with warmth and interest in each student, my shy child now exudes a high level of confidence as she proudly demonstrates her hard work, while my energetic child has learned to hone and focus his body in positive, healthy directions. Additionally, training alongside them is a gift! I thank Cutting Edge for bringing out the best in us all!

-Becky Clausen (Katy and Jonah's mom)

Ian I enrolled my son Ian in the after school program to help him gain confidence and self defense skills. Going to a new school and having been bullied before I felt martial arts would make a big difference in his self-confidence. Six months later he began training at the studio also. The teachings of Master Kemmer and all the other instructors have made a tremendous difference. Two years later, Ian's self-confidence has definitely improved as have his discipline, physical fitness, and strength. He is more health conscious and looks forward to improving his skills and moving up the ranks. Thank you Cutting Edge Karate for making such a great difference.

-Martha Araujo (Ian's mom)

JAB As a home school mom, I had signed my kids up for karate to fulfill their P.E. requirement. Little did I know what an integral part of our lives Cutting Edge Karate would become. It has developed in my son confidence and coordination. It has taught my daughter self defense skills that have put my mind at ease.

Master Kemmer has become an important mentor in their lives, and fellow students have become their best friends. Now, almost eight years later, they both have earned their 2nd degree black belts, and are even teaching karate! I imagine that martial arts will always be a part of John and Beckyís lives.

-Debra Free (John and Becky's mom)

Chens I am blessed to have three very different and challenging children. I spent all last summer trying out almost all Karate schools in the Valley. After careful consideration and comparisons of 6 high-rated dojos, I finally decided on Cutting Edge Karate.

I love the quality of instructors. All Teachers teach, but a true Sensei encourages, instructs and nurtures. Master Kemmer is a rare Sensei and true Master, who knows exactly what each of my children needs, and brings out the best in them. My daughter, who learned to walk at age 3 and is extremely left-handed, has much better coordination. My two younger sons now focus better, are controlling themselves more, and have much more confidence. Plus the great family discount provides me an opportunity to take class with my kids for free!

Cutting Edge, a place to train, a place to laugh, a place to grow, a place to a better-self, and Thank God, I found you!

-Emilie Yu (Samuel, Grace, and David's mom)


How Safe Are Your Classes?

Very safe. Every class is supervised and taught by a qualified instructor and curriculum is taught step-by-step in a controlled environment. A thorough stretching routine, matted flooring, and protective safety equipment are all part of our commitment to ensuring student safety.

What If My Child Has Trouble Focusing and Sitting Still?

Most children when they first join this program have a hard time focusing. Classes are a lot of fun and students put in great effort. Many parents report that they notice major improvements in their child's ability to follow directions within the first few weeks! Martial arts is known for helping children focus unlike other sports and activities such as soccer and baseball.
What Will My Child Learn?

The curriculum is basic so that your child can become proficient. Our 3-5 year olds learn how to kick, punch, block, fall, escape from grabs, and more. They learn what to do around strangers and bullies. A life skills lesson is taught every class to instill respect, self-control, etc.

Will Martial Arts Teach My Child to Hurt Others?

No! Martial arts teaches respect and honor for others. Many children who are too rough with others often stop hurting others after joining our program. Students develop more confidence and are less likely to be bullied in school because many bullies pick on chilren who seem weak and timid.

100% Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our lessons. When you sign up, youíll instantly get our 30-day money back guarantee giving you the ultimate peace of mind in case things donít work out as you expected.

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Get Our Class Schedule and Web Special!

AND receive our report on "5 Rules for Personal Safety".

*We will never share your information with anyone!

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