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sidekickAt Cutting Edge Karate, our goal is to provide you with information up front to help you make an informed decision.

Below are the most common questions we receive here at Cutting Edge Karate in West Hills, CA and our straight forward answers.

Q. What age groups do you teach?

A. We teach all ages from 3 and up. We have different classes that focus on the different age groups.

Our Lil’ Dragons program is a ‘pre-karate’ program for students ages 3 to 5. We focus on developing listening skills and appropriate classroom behavior as well as basic martial arts in a fun environment.

Our Juniors program is for students ages 6-11. Along with learning core curriculum and exceptional self-defense skills, they will also become fit and develop focus, discipline, respect, goal setting, and confidence.

Our Teens and Adults program is a great way to improve strength, fitness, and flexibility while learning practical and effective self-defense skills.

Q. Where are you located?

A. Our West Hills California martial arts school is located at 23233 Saticoy St. #114:

We are in the alley behind the Fields Market.

Q. How much do lessons cost?

A. If you value a focused martial arts program with highly skilled and experienced instructors that care about their students, then Cutting Edge Karate is a good fit for you. Our pricing fits most budgets and we actually provide unmatched value that you won’t find anywhere else.

Family Discounts - You only pay for 2 family members. Everyone else in the family is free!

Q. Are there fees associated with belt tests?

A. Yes, modest testing fees are due one week prior to testing. All fees are well publicized so there are no financial surprises. Students who have met all curriculum standards are invited to test every 2-4 months.

Q. What is the belt system you use?

A. Our martial arts system has clearly defined prerequisites for each belt rank and uses the following color progression from beginner ranks to advanced:

Q. What martial art do you teach?

A. We teach the Chuck Norris system of American Tang Soo Do. Tang Soo Do means "the art of the knife hand" or "the way of the Chinese hand." It contains characteristics of Chinese internal methods and Japanese striking styles. Chuck Norris earned his black belt in Tang Soo Do while in the Air Force. He then studied many other martial arts styles including Judo, Bazilian Jujitsu, and Hapkido. He took what he learned in the different styles and applied it to his base style Tang Soo Do to create a more well-balanced mixed martial art, American Tang Soo Do.

Q. What are the benefits of taking your martial arts classes?

A. Most of our students begin taking martial arts to either get into shape or to learn effective self-defense. However, there are additional benefits which bring substantial value to your participation.

  • Increased self-confidence, and self-discipline
  • Improved flexibility, coordination, balance, and endurance
  • Improved mental clarity and concentration
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Ability to face adversity with a greater sense of calm
  • And more!

Q. Do I need to be “in shape” to start?

A. No. Our students span the scope of fitness levels. A result of attending classes is improved fitness.

Q. Am I too old to start?

A. There is a common misperception that you have to be a kid to take martial arts lessons. That is simply not true. We have taught many mature students and some have even earned their black belt!

Q. What are classes typically like?

A. For students ages 6 and up, each week focuses on 1 of the 3 main aspects of curriculum – Traditional Forms, Striking and Basics, and Self Defense. Each class includes warm-up, curriculum, and application. Instructors are approachable and desire the greatest learning environment possible, so questions are encouraged during specific sections of class time. Integrating the balance of new material while refining material previously learned keeps the learning process moving forward.

For students ages 3-5 we focus on basic martial arts techniques with creative and fun drills. We work on their concentration and coordination as well as demonstrating appropriate classroom behavior.

Q. What do the different colored stripes mean?

A. Each colored stripe represents a different skill set. For example, blue stripes are earned for developing proficiency at self-defense skills. There are also stripes for forms, striking and basics, history and knowledge of the art, board breaking, and fitness. Each is outlined in more detail in the Student Manual.

Q. Are students required to spar?

A. Not at first. Students start sparring after they reach the rank of Blue Belt. Sparring classes are designed to show students a practical application of their martial arts skills. Sparring is a requirement in our American Tang Soo Do curriculum and necessary to earn an American Tang Soo Do Black Belt. All students wear protective gear and are supervised when sparring.

Q. How safe are your classes?

A. Very safe. Every class is supervised and taught by a qualified instructor and curriculum is taught step-by-step in a controlled environment. A thorough stretching routine, matted flooring, and protective safety equipment are all part of our commitment to ensuring student safety. We do not tolerate heavy-handed students, bad attitudes or egos.

Q. Do any other women attend your classes?

A. Yes they do! We have several other women in our classes so you wouldn’t be the only one.

Q. What if I sign up and decide it’s not right for me?

A. We’re so confident in our martial arts program that we offer you an unheard of 30 DAY RISK-FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE after you sign up; giving you the time you need to determine if indeed our martial arts lessons are right for you without worrying if you can get your money back.

Join today and try us out for 30-days. If after following our program as designed during your first 30 days you don’t think this is right for you we’ll give you 100% of your money back. Just let us know and we’ll issue a full refund – no hard feelings.

And to show our appreciation – we want you to keep your official martial arts uniform (a $25 value) just for trying out Cutting Edge Karate.

No other martial arts school in the San Fernando Valley does this!

Q. Do you coordinate birthday parties?

A. Yes, we do children's birthday parties. It does not matter whether your child is a student or not, our parties are fun for everyone! Please call us at 818-888-8660 for more information.

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