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Adult Martial Arts (Ages 18 and up)
Other programs: Kids 3-5, Kids 6-11, Teens 12-17

American Tang Soo Do is a great total body workout! Through regular participation students improve cardiovascular stamina, build muscle tone, and increase flexibility, balance, and strength. Plus, kicking, punching and breathing are an ideal stress release no matter what your age!

Notice Results Within the First Few Weeks!

Stronger and Fit
Healthier Habits
Increased Confidence
Reduced Stress and Anxiety
Improved Flexibility
More Energy

Check Out What Others Are Saying

Phillipps My family loves Cutting Edge! My teenage daughters are learning self-confidence and how to defend themselves. Good things for teens (especially girls) to know. I love training with my girls because it inspires me to try to stay in shape and learn new things....and it's fun!

-Linda Phillipps

Andy After trying several sports, my teenage son finally found his niche in karate! Being at Cutting Edge the last 6 years has developed in him numerous physical skills in addition to bringing out important character traits such as discipline, perservence, self-confidence and more. All the instructors are positive yet firm, professional and enthusiastic. It's a great environment for people of all ages!

-Toni Marderian

Sophia The building reeks of can-do attitude, hard work, and collaboration. Not only are the teachers mindful of each student and his or her specific needs, but the students are all supportive and imperative to each others' success as well. Cutting Edge Karate is a great place to feel welcomed, to learn, and to grow as a martial artist.

-Sophia Grosso

Martha I started training at Cutting Edge when I saw the difference in my son to try to motivate him more. Being able to train alongside my son has been amazing as we can practice together and motivate each other. I have seen great improvement in my flexibility and physical endurance, as well as physical strenghth and overall energy. The training sessions provide a total body workout and also help relieve the effects of everyday stress. The instructors make training fun and interesting.

-Martha Araujo


How safe are your classes?

Very safe. Every class is supervised and taught by a qualified instructor and curriculum is taught step-by-step in a controlled environment. A thorough stretching routine, matted flooring, and protective safety equipment are all part of our commitment to ensuring student safety.

What will I learn?

Class instruction focuses on improving strength, conditioning, and flexibility through martial arts. Master Kemmer meticulously researches and develops exercises and drills specifically designed to develop these specific areas. Consistent training results in quality technique, enhanced performance, and improved health in students.
Do I need to be “in shape” to start?

No. Our students span the scope of fitness levels. In fact, many students join to get fit, lose weight, and become stronger. Martial arts is a unique and fun way to get into shape and build muscle.

Is Martial Arts violent and will it be hard on my body?

A true martial artist is not someone who beats up other people and starts fights. They not only have the physical skills but the mental skills to avoid conflict. However, if a fight needs to happen, they will have to tools necessary to defend themselves.

Martial arts will push you past limits that you never thought possible. Some excercises and drills will be tough. Martial arts is a journey. We want you to succeed and it's important for you to go at your own pace. At times it will be hard, but not so hard that it will cause injuries.

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Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our lessons. When you sign up, you’ll instantly get our 30-day money back guarantee giving you the ultimate peace of mind in case things don’t work out as you expected.

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Get Our Class Schedule and Web Special!

AND receive reports on
"Basic Self-Defense Rules"
and "10 Fitness Tips".

*We will never share your information with anyone!

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